Moringa oleifera, the Miracle Tree, is truly a miracle. Other words fall short to describe this
    wonder of Mother Nature. Almost all of the parts of the tropical tree are edible, and are used
    as a source of food or food supplement. It is also used as a natural medicine.

  • Marion van de Voort


    Marion van de Voort is the CEO & Founder of Stichting Pamoja Kenia , also CEO & Founder Moringa Mother Africa, a company that specialises in quality moringa products.

    Stichting Pamoja Kenia was founded in 2011 in Mombasa, Kenya.

    The goal has always been to create better and improved water and hygiene opportunities in rural areas, empower women in these communities and to create employment.

    Since 2013 Stichting Pamoja Kenia has made water accessible to over 26000 people in Matsangoni, Kilifi County by building water wells, toilets and showers (under the project “wash, shower and go” which was launched in 2013)

    In 2019 Marion van de Voort founded Moringa Mother Africa after she fell in love with the magical benefits of moringa powder and Oil.

    The link between Moringa Mother Africa and Stichting Pamoja Kenia is that part of the revenue from Moringa Mother Africa goes back into Stichting Pamoja Kenia to improve the water and hygiene situations in the communities.

    Moringa Mother Africa buys its products from the farmers cooperatives to ensure fair trade.
    As a global supplier of Moringa Products, Moringa Mother Africa is becoming the go to platform for high quality moringa products.